Holiday Wish List,

Kicking off the holiday season, we’ve compiled a wish list that every serious jewelry fiend would swoon over. These are my top must-haves from favorite designers, antique jewelry shops and dealers and some fun things thrown in the mix. Each day, this blog post will be updated with one item and in case you need a better way to remember, a Newsletter will go out highlighting the designer or items we’ve hand-selected. This time of year is always special, but it goes by SO quickly–we want this list to help you plan without taking time out from your busy life. So let’s get the list going!! You can follow along on Instagram with the hashtag: #GemGossipWishList

Full disclosure: There is a small fee designers had to pay to be involved in this project. I receive zero commission based on how many pieces of each item sell during this promotion–this is not a commission-based program.

Bce Jewelry

Designer: BCE Jewelry

Why is she on the list: Her jewelry is a personal favorite of mine, as I own a few pieces (most recently an ancient coin bezel set necklace). Each piece is handmade in California, which I love–small business, great people, beautiful pieces. I also love the style and design of her rings and think they pair REALLY well with antique jewelry. Find a gem that speaks to you and your style/collection and you won’t be disappointed!


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